Lagomorphic Capital

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We're a venture fund working in close partnership with Latacora. The fund leverages the deal flow from Latacora's unique long-termist partnerships with startups. This allows companies to take information security concerns off their plate while softening the free cash flow impact of appropriately resourcing it. Our LPs include the Latacora partners, select employees and key industry veterans.

We primarily but not exclusively invest in Latacora clients. The practical impossibility of finding, vetting, hiring and retaining an experienced, broad-spectrum security team is not lost on founders or investors. As such we've successfully co-invested with top VCs in highly coveted startups. Our proposition is simple: we completely derisk building a company's security practice with a team of experts with skin in the game. Latacora brings the experts, Lagomorphic brings the skin.

We spend every day at startups across many sectors, putting us on the ground floor of a ton of natural experiments.

The partners' experience and sensibilities are reflected in our portfolio. That experience means we emphasize companies for whom security is an important differentiator. This naturally causes us to gravitate towards B2B SaaS companies. Those sensibilities mean we emphasize investment in underrepresented founder groups.


Laurens Van Houtven ("lvh")
General Partner